emergency kit contents

Home Preparedness

Do you know what to do in a tornado, flood or winter storm? Do you have everything you need to self sustain during a major emergency?
Local municipalities are usually the first level of government to respond to a community emergency.  However, many emergencies happen suddenly and without warning.  It takes time to activate response efforts.  During this time, there are things that you can do to protect yourself and your family should an emergency occur.  If you are not injured or sick, you should be prepared to survive on your own for at least 72 hours without help. 

Make A Plan

In an emergency, your family may not be together, or you may be asked to evacuate your home. Thinking about what you would do in different situations and preparing a plan with every member of your family is the first step to being prepared.

Build An Emergency Kit

Your emergency survival kit should have everything you and your family would need to be safe and take care of yourselves for at least three days immediately following an emergency.

Stay Informed

During an emergency, you should stay tuned to local news channels
(88.7 The River). Be sure to have a portable, battery-operated radio and car-operated phone charger in your survival kit in case of power outages. Look for official information from municipal and fire department social media accounts.