The most northerly Township in Wellington County, the Township of Wellington North is located 30 minutes north of Guelph on Highway 6, and takes in both rural and urban settings. At the south end, at the intersections of Highways 6 & 109 and across the Conestoga River, the Village of Arthur welcomes you.  Designated as “Canada’s Most Patriotic Village” this gateway to the Grand River watershed is a great place to live, shop and play.  In the north, at the intersections of Highways 6 & 89 and across the Saugeen River the Town of Mount Forest with an altitude of 1,407 ft. Welcomes you with “High, Healthy & Happy” proudly displayed on the water tower as you enter town.

Nestled in a picturesque agricultural setting the Township contains some of the best farmland the County has to offer as well as a substantial Industrial base and a wealth of Conservation Land.  Old established neighbourhoods are complemented by new residential development and small urban centres by rural countryside providing a variety of lifestyle choices for its workforce, residents and their guests.  The quality of life available is second to none with clean air and clean water, quiet tree lined streets, abundant recreational activities, excellent shopping opportunities along with convenient Heath Care and excellent Educational facilities.

The Township of Wellington North is a short drive on excellent roads from many of the major centres and is within one hour's drive of Highways #400 and #401, the Province's main controlled-access thoroughfare and link between major centres in Canada and the United States.