Dog Licensing, Kennels & Canine Control

Canine Control 

For lost dogs, dogs at large, or complaints about a dog(s), please contact R&R Canine Control at 519-509-9985. 

Dog Licensing

Pet owners in Wellington North are required to license their dogs annually.  In urban area’s you are limited to 3 dogs per household.

Kennel Licensing 

The Township of Wellington North regulates and licenses dog kennels within the township. All kennels must comply with the Zoning By-law 66-01 (PDF) and the Kennel By-law 046-17 (PDF)

A kennel is defined as a place where more than 3 dogs are housed, groomed, bred, boarded, trained, sold or kept for hunting and includes both boarding kennels and breeding kennels.  The kennel must be on a lot or parcel which is 25 acres or greater in size in an Agricultural zone.

Kennel licenses are for a one-year period and the Animal Control Officer conducts inspections of kennels throughout the year to ensure compliance with the By-law.

The maximum number of dogs permitted in a kennel for which a license has been issued shall not exceed twenty fifty (25) dogs.