Pedestrian Crossovers

In 2022, the Township of Wellington North completed an assessment of four intersections within Wellington North to evaluate traffic volumes and site conditions to determine if they would meet the warrants for the installation of traffic signals or pedestrian crossovers (PXO), consistent with Ontario Traffic Manual (OTM) Books 12 (Traffic Signals) and 15 (Pedestrian Crossing Treatments).

The review recommended Level 2, Type B PXOs be installed at the intersections. The PXOs were designed using the guidance provided in OTM Book 15 and engineering judgement. The guidelines in the various books of the Ontario Traffic Manual promote uniformity of treatment in the design, application and operation of traffic control devices and systems across Ontario and are consistent with the intent of the Highway Traffic Act (HTA). 

You'll recognize a Level 2 PXO by:

  • Ladder crosswalk markings
  • Yield line (shark teeth markings)
  • Black on white pedestrian crossing signs

Level 2 Type B PXOs also include actuated double-sided rectangular rapid flashing beacons with tell tale indicators and pedestrian pushbutton.

Below is an example of a typical Level 2 Type B PXO:


The Township of Wellington North has recently installed PXOs at the following intersections:

  • Main Street North at Durham Street, Mount Forest
  • Smith Street at Conestoga Street, Arthur

A PXO is a controlled crossing, which requires vehicles, including cyclists, to come to a complete stop and yield the entire width of the roadway while waiting for pedestrians legally in the crossing to clear the road. Pedestrians have the right-of-way at controlled crossings.