Mount Forest Outdoor Pool



The future home of the Mount Forest Outdoor Pool is east of the Mount Forest and District Sports Complex at 850 Princess Street.

In 2018, The Recreation Master Plan defined the need for a new outdoor pool in Mount Forest. Discussions began on where the location would be, what the new pool would look like, and why the old pool could not be adequately repaired to fit the community’s needs.

While plans began to develop, they came to a quick halt in 2020 when COVID struck. All focus was now to centered on getting through the pandemic and then recovery.

Our Lion Roy Grant Pool also felt the effects of the pandemic. The two years of remaining closed further damaged the pool structure and when it came time that we could re-open, there was no way to do so safely for the public.

Once the pool was deemed unsafe, staff, community, and council put new focus on the need for a new outdoor pool and plans began once again for this capital project.

After careful consideration, Council decided that the new Mount Forest Pool is to be located east of the Mount Forest and District Sports Complex at 850 Princess St.

During the winter and spring of 2022, staff worked with Architects Tillman Ruth Robinson Inc. to develop conceptual designs. This brought about three conceptual drawings that were put to public consultation through a survey in April 2022. The survey had more than 120 community responses, which ultimately lead staff and council to choose the current design (PDF). 

Building on their success with the MacDonald-Schwindt Lions Splash Pad, the Mount Forest Aquatics Ad-Hoc Advisory Committee is helping to lead discussions for community input and involvement, provide design recommendations, and lead the fundraising initiatives of a new outdoor pool in Mount Forest. 


Picture of the new pool in Mount forest