The Township of Wellington North recognizes the important contribution of local cultural resources to the quality of life and sense of community across the township.

Why is Culture Important?

  • Supports a Thriving Economy – Culture strengthens the economy by revitalizing downtowns, attracting tourists and supporting business investment and creating jobs.
  • Enhances Our Quality of Life – Culture gives meaning and context to people’s lives. It engages our minds, improves our health, enriches the lives of seniors and retirees, and teaches our children and fosters lifelong learning.
  • Creates a Sense of Pride in Our Communities – Culture helps to define the character of a community. Residents feel a sense of pride in their unique local landmarks and history. Festivals and events attract new residents and keep current residents in the community.
  • Encourages Social Cohesion – Culture engages citizens in activities that help build a sense of place and community. It celebrates different cultures and helps newcomers feel welcome.

The Township of Wellington North has adopted the following Guiding Assumptions:

  • We believe culture is essential to making Wellington North a place where people want to live, work, play, retire and invest.
  • We believe our history and culture are a source of identity for individual communities and Wellington North as a whole.
  • We believe creativity and culture are important drivers in growing and diversifying our economy.
  • We believe volunteers are fundamental to the cultural life of our community, are a symbol of civic pride and commitment, contribute to local economic growth and are central to attracting the notice of political and business leaders who want to support their constituents by honouring volunteers.
  • We believe our cultural assets are essential to building vibrant downtowns that are the social and economic hubs of our communities.
  • We believe in a municipality that integrates culture into all aspects of planning and decision-making.
  • We believe in cultural organizations working together toward shared goals.