Burn Permit Application Form

Submissions to the Township of Wellington North will be reviewed prior to approval. 

You will receive via email:

  • A copy of your submission
  • A copy of your approved or denied application when the permit is processed by the Township of Wellington North
Terms and conditions - Please read and Agree to Terms before continuing. 

I, as an applicant for setting open air fires in the Township of Wellington North, agree to the following terms, set out in By-law Number 057-16 (PDF) :

  • The fire must be under the care and control of an individual (18 years of age) from the time of lighting until it is completely extinguished.
  • The fire must not be planned, lit or ignited closer than 30 m (100 ft) from any building, structure, hedge, fence, road or overhead wire or obstruction of any nature. 
  • If the Fire Pit or Fire Pit Area is larger than an area of 3 m x 3 m x 2 m high (10 ft  x 10 ft x 6.5’ high), the Fire Chief or designate must inspect the pile prior to burning
  • Appropriate extinguishing agents will be on-hand at all times during the preparation of the fire, while the fire is underway, and until the fire is fully and completely extinguished. 
  • Wood, organic materials and paper products are the only material that may be burned.
  • The following materials may not be burned under any circumstances: household garbage, tires, paint, asphalt products, roofing materials, chemical waste, rubber, coated wire, plastic, combustible cylinders, aerosol cans and petroleum based products.
  • Other provincial legislation may have an impact on your fire and the conditions of your burn.
  • The fire must not in any way cause discomfort, danger, irritation and/or nuisance for other residents. 
  • An approved/valid permit is valid for the calendar year.
  • The applicant must be the registered owner of the property or agent authorized in writing. 
  • A permit will not be issued for a property that does not have a posted 911 Number.
  • The Fire Chief or designate may issue a total ban on Open Air burning if conditions warrant.
  • There is no need to call the fire station before you burn provided you have an approved/valid permit.
I, as an applicant for setting open air fires in the Township of Wellington North, agree to the following terms, set out in By-law Number 057-16 (PDF)

Contact Information


Include 911 #. Fire permits will not be issued without a 911 sign posted at the property.

What Do You Propose to Burn?

Burn items
Please select all that apply.


For burns larger than 10’X10’x 6.5’ high (3m X 3m X 2m high) an inspection is required prior to lighting the fire.

Permit Expiry

I understand and acknowledge that an approved permit expires on December 31st, 2023.