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Corporate Strategic Plan

Over the past several terms of Council, the Township of Wellington North has been developing its strategic planning framework. The last plan was approved in 2019 and focused on four priority areas:

  • Modernization and Efficiency
  • Partnerships
  • Municipal Infrastructure
  • Alignment & Integration

2019 - 2022 Corporate Strategic Plan

Exciting News! It’s time to update our plan!

The strategic plan is a tool that can help connect the community’s vision and goals with the Townships mission and actions. The process can also help tie together new and existing initiatives, creating a more comprehensive work plan for Council and the organization.  Consultation with the community is an important part of this discussion and provides a valuable perspective on where resources should be focused to create the most value for the public. 

2022-2026 Strategic Planning Process

As part of the direction setting for this new term of Council, Staff are beginning a new strategic planning process that will allow for engagement amongst all the key stakeholder groups – Council, the community and staff.

We want to hear from you! To help us kick-off this strategic plan, please take a few minutes to complete this anonymous community satisfaction survey. Your feedback will help us shape the direction we take to improve services, define priorities and help our community as it grows and changes.