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Corporate Strategic Plan

Exciting news - our Strategic Plan is complete!

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2024 Strategic Plan 

The Strategic Plan is a tool that helps to connect the community’s vision and goals with the Township’s mission and actions. The process ties together new and existing initiatives, creating a more comprehensive work plan for Council and the organization.  Consultation with the community is an important part of this discussion and provides a valuable perspective on where resources should be focused to create the most value for the public. 

2022-2026 Strategic Planning Process
As part of the direction setting for the 2022-2026 term of Council, the Township completed a strategic planning process that included engagement with all the key stakeholder groups – Council, the community and staff. The 2024 Strategic Plan was approved by Council in October 2023 and outlines the key community priorities that will be a Township focus over the next several years. Thank you to everyone who participated throughout the process – we couldn’t have done it without you!

Council Reports

Where are we now?  Moving towards implementation!                                        With the plan approved by Council we are now ready to turn strategy into action! As part of the implementation plan endorsed by Council in December 2023, a three-year workplan has been developed to help guide the Township’s activities to support the priorities in the Strategic Plan. The implementation plan (and work plan) was developed based on all the feedback received throughout the year long process – including the Community Satisfaction Survey (both online and telephone) completed in March, as well as from the feedback from Council and Staff workshops held in April and May and the Community Open Houses held in July and August 2023. Staff will be reporting on the progress of the workplan every 6 months – through a bi-annual review and “Year in Review” report.

Where did we start?                                                                                                      Over the past several terms of Council, the Township of Wellington North has been developing its strategic planning framework. The last plan was approved in 2019 and focused on four priority areas:                                                   

  • Modernization and Efficiency
  • Partnerships
  • Municipal Infrastructure
  • Alignment & Integration

2019 - 2022 Corporate Strategic Plan