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Corporate Strategic Plan

Exciting News! We are updating our Strategic Plan!
The strategic plan is a tool that can help connect the community’s vision and goals with the Township’s mission and actions. The process ties together new and existing initiatives, creating a more comprehensive work plan for Council and the organization.  Consultation with the community is an important part of this discussion and provides a valuable perspective on where resources should be focused to create the most value for the public. 

2022-2026 Strategic Planning Process
As part of the direction setting for this new term of Council, the Township has begun a new strategic planning process that includes engagement with all the key stakeholder groups – Council, the community and staff.

CAO Report: Strategic Plan Update: Phase 2 (PDF)

Where are we now?   

  • Right now, we are mid-way through the strategic planning process 
  • It began with public input through the phone polls and online survey 
  • So far, we have combined the earlier public input with Council's input and staff input
  • At this point, we're pausing to do a pulse-check with community - to see what community members think of the draft strategic priorities, before continuing with more detailed planning

We want to hear from you! 
The draft strategic directions (PDF) are now ready for review.

Please provide feedback on the community strategic plan hereStrat Plan Questionnare  Survey (surveymonkey.com)

Survey Notes:

  • Input  is voluntary, anonymous and confidential
  • The survey is asking for input on the draft strategic priorities
  • We are also looking for concrete suggestions on actions that the Township could take to achieve each strategic priority

What will this input be used for?

  • Strategic plans generally have 5-6 strategic priorities in order to be feasible. The strategic priorites are generally the overarching themes (like goals or umbrella statements) of the plan.
  • Eventually, each strategic priority will have a detailed list of tactics - but before we go further we are pausing to ask for public input on the five, draft strategic priorities that have been drafted to-date.
  • Your public input,  will influence the final list of priorities that the Township will proceed to develop detailed action plans for.

Thank you to those who attended our open houses on:

Thursday, July 27, 2023. 6:30 – 8 pm
Arthur & Area Community Centre
158 Domville St. Arthur

Monday, July 31, 2023. 6:30 – 8 pm
Mount Forest & District Sports Complex
850 Princess St, Mount Forest

    This draft was developed based on all the results from the Community Satisfaction Survey (both online and telephone) completed in March, as well as from the feedback from Council and Staff workshops held in April and May.

    For more information on the Community Satisfaction Survey results, click here.

    Over the past several terms of Council, the Township of Wellington North has been developing its strategic planning framework. The last plan was approved in 2019 and focused on four priority areas:

    • Modernization and Efficiency
    • Partnerships
    • Municipal Infrastructure
    • Alignment & Integration

    2019 - 2022 Corporate Strategic Plan