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Reports form the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs show that 75 per cent of Wellington's agricultural land is considered “class 1 soil," and that in Wellington North we have some of the best soil in Ontario. Locally, the Mennonite community’s population is growing rapidly and in the past 10 years have built 11 schools and eight churches that dot the countryside. There is a desire to market local cultural assets to attract new visitors and residents and engage the Mennonite community as they are a key part of the ‘uniqueness’ of Wellington North through authentic, tangible actions with respect for Mennonite traditions and aspirations. A diverse community is essential in shaping how people live, create and experience cultural and creative life and bring new elements to the community’s identity.

Farm Tax Incentive

How can I contact Agricorp for information about the Farm Tax Incentive?

Connectivity Guidebook for Rural Ontario

Learn about how Rural Ontario is connecting Agriculture, Business & Technology by reading the Connectivity Guidebook for Rural Ontario.

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