Luther Marsh Conservation Area


East Luther Sideroad 21/22, Grand Valley, ON


Containing over 13,000 acres of biological diversity, the Luther Marsh is one of southern Ontario's largest inland wetlands and is located within the Township of Wellington North. Surrounding the open marsh reservoir are lowland swamps, shrubby bogs, plantations, natural forest and cropland. Being home to a wide variety of mammals, amphibians, and birds, as well as being a mecca for waterfowl, Luther Marsh is one of southern Ontario's most significant wetlands and wildlife habitat areas. Hiking, mountain biking, snowmobiling, snowshoeing, skiing, nature observation, birding, hunting and canoeing are just some of the recreational activities enjoyed at Luther Marsh. Three trails are established at the Marsh: the Shoreline Trail, the Bootlegger Trail and the Mallard Pond. The Shoreline Trail, approximately 5km, starts at the lookout tower and follows Luther Lake. The Bootlegger Trail is 32km and is an excellent trail for cyclists. The third trail is the Mallard Pond and is 5km and is most enjoyed in the early spring and late summer. Canoe routes, trails observation towers and interpretive displays, all make the Luther Marsh experience a good one! Come see for yourself!