Baby Sitter and Home Alone Courses

We are excited to announce that we are going to be offering the Kidproof Babysitters Course and Home Alone Course this spring.

Kidproof Babysitters Course

The Babysitter’s Course delivers essential information in a fun and accessible format! It offers practical advice on getting that first babysitting job,  how to be a great babysitter, preparing for each job, how to care for kids of all ages, safety and first aid. 

Kidproof Home Alone Course

This entertaining and valuable safety program has been trusted by parents and kids for over a decade. It is designed to prepare children to look after themselves while at home alone for short periods of time.  Important skills are learned through interactive lessons and quizzes that help make both the child and parent more confident when they are left at home alone.

Register for a Program

Check out our various recreation programs and activities. Registration will open in April!